The Colebrook Land Conservancy,Inc.

Preserving Colebrook's Natural Beauty since 1986

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Hale Barn in Winter

The Colebrook Land Conservancy was formed to preserve the rural character of Colebrook, CT, by protecting open space. The town's most important scenic areas were identified several years ago in a Town Character Study & Open Space Plan commissioned by The Colebrook Land Conservancy and Colebrook Inland Wetlands Agency and carried out by professional planners.

This study was subsequently adopted as part of the official Colebrook Town Plan. Twenty areas were identified where the preservation of open space is essential to the maintenance of Colebrook's rural character. The Colebrook Land Conservancy has subsequently dedicated itself to promoting conservation in all of these areas, as well as to preserving Colebrook’s other natural resources.